Soam Babulnath

Cuisine: Gujarati, Kathiawadi
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gpsAddress: Soam. Sadguru Sadan, Ground Floor, Babulnath Road, Babulnath, Mumbai

Soam has been a favourite of mine for years. It’s one of the few restaurants that focus on authenticity, tasty flavours, good presentation and service. I have a personal preference for grumpy old waiters who tell you off. In authentic Indian food restaurants. It adds to the authenticity. Soam does have older wait staff and many of them have been working there for years. But none of them are grumpy

Food is always spot on at Soam. Pure vegetarian, authentic Gujarati flavours, very consistent and tasty. One has to normally wait in line for a table and the waiting time can be from anything to 20 minutes to an hour.

A must try if you’re in Bombay. They serve Undhiyu with puri in winter months. The undhiyu is a typical Gujarati dish made with seasonal winter vegetables. Surti papdi, purple yam, brinjal and methi muthia (fried dumplings made with fenugreek leaves, gram flour and spices). Served with whole wheat puris. Brilliant stuff!


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