Chowder Singh

The Irani Cafe Chair – Defining What Is An Irani Cafe

Irani cafe chair

Irani cafes are part and parcel of Bombay culture and the Irani cafe chair is one of the main things that defines these cafes

Mumbai’s Infamous Eggless Omelette

eggless omelette

Only in Mumbai, you can ask for an eggless omelette and be served one. Found mostly in Shetty-owned restaurants, it’s a fun dish served with a Mumbai quirk

The 20 Types of Indian Vegetarians

types of Indian vegetarians

India is diverse with a wide variety of food habits. Here’s an interesting compilation of the various types of Indian vegetarians

Hyderabadi Haleem – The Iconic Dish of Hyderabad

Hyderabadi haleem

Haleem is Hyderabad’s iconic dish and now has a Geographical Indication tag. Here’s more about how the dish originated and where to get the best Hyderabadi haleem

Annakoot – The Dish Celebrating Govardhan Pooja


Annakoot or Saggada is a wonderful vegetarian dish cooked specially for Govardhan Pooja. Here’s more about the dish

Dharwad Peda – The Story of How This Sweet Originated

Dharwad peda

The Dharwad peda is a unique Indian sweet and tastes different from a regular peda. Here’s the story on its origins