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Hyderabadi Haleem – The Iconic Dish of Hyderabad

Hyderabadi haleem

Haleem is Hyderabad’s iconic dish and now has a Geographical Indication tag. Here’s more about how the dish originated and where to get the best Hyderabadi haleem

Annakoot – The Dish Celebrating Govardhan Pooja


Annakoot or Saggada is a wonderful vegetarian dish cooked specially for Govardhan Pooja. Here’s more about the dish

Dharwad Peda – The Story of How This Sweet Originated

Dharwad peda

The Dharwad peda is a unique Indian sweet and tastes different from a regular peda. Here’s the story on its origins

Chicken Rajpipla – A Royal Recipe From Gujarat

Chicken Rajpipla is a dish created by the Maharaja of Rajpipla state in Gujarat. Here’s the recipe of this unique dish

Jigarthanda – Madurai’s Most Famous Drink


Jigarthanda is Madurai’s most famous drink. Here’s more about the drink and its origins

Parsi Lagan Nu Stew Recipe – A Classic Wedding Dish

lagan nu stew recipe

Parsi cuisine Is known more more it’s meat dishes. But it does have some vegetarian gems. Here’s a classic lagan nu stew recipe