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Hyderabadi haleem

Hyderabadi Haleem – The Iconic Dish of Hyderabad

Haleem is Hyderabad’s iconic dish and now has a Geographical Indication tag. Here’s more about how the dish originated and where to get the best Hyderabadi haleem

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Annakoot – The Dish Celebrating Govardhan Pooja

Annakoot or Saggada is a wonderful vegetarian dish cooked specially for Govardhan Pooja. Here’s more about the dish

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Dharwad peda

Dharwad Peda – The Story of How This Sweet Originated

The Dharwad peda is a unique Indian sweet and tastes different from a regular peda. Here’s the story on its origins

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Jigarthanda – Madurai’s Most Famous Drink

Jigarthanda is Madurai’s most famous drink. Here’s more about the drink and its origins

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aunty bars of bombay

The Secret Aunty Bars of Bombay

Prohibition was introduced in Bombay in 1949. With this, came up Bombay’s own speakeasy culture, the aunty bars of Bombay

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chicken 65 history

Chicken 65 History and Controversies Around The Dish

Perhaps one of the more controversial dishes of our times. With many claimants to be the inventor, here’s more about the Chicken 65 history

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