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badam ki jaali

Badam ki Jaali – A Unique Hyderabadi Sweet

Badam ki Jaali and ashrafi are traditional Hyderabadi sweets made from marzipan. There are only two families who make the authentic version

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russian salad

History of The Russian Salad

Always wondered if Russian salad is originally Russian or an Indian invention. Here’s more about the origin of this dish

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Kalyani Biryani – The ‘Other’ Biryani of Hyderabad

The Kalyani biryani is not as popular as the Hyderabadi biryani but has a unique story on how this biryani evolved

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Bhujing at Agashi Bhujing Centre

Bhujing – The Dish That Rules Virar Vasai in Bombay

Bhujing is an iconic dish from the Virar-Vasai region of Mumbai. Agashi Bhujing Centre is where the dish was invented. Here’s more about this

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