Shivaji Military Hotel – The Best Donne Biryani in Bangalore

Cuisine: South Indian, Kannada, Non Vegetarian only
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gpsAddress: 718 1st C, Main, 45th Cross Rd, 8th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru
best donne biryani in bangalore

The concept of the military hotel is not unique to Bangalore and can found in parts of Tamilnadu and Karnataka. The Marathas of Thanjavur ruled over Thanjavur (Tanjore) from 1675. Bangalore was also under the rule of the Marathas for a brief period in the 1600’s. It’s difficult to trace out exact origins of the military hotel concept, but there definitely seems to be a Maratha connection. Shivaji Military Hotel in Jayanagar was established in the 1920’s. It serves the best donne biryani in Bangalore. I’ve been going there for years and the flavours have been consistent. Never a bad meal here. The donne biryani. the mutton chops, keema and the leg soup are a must try here.

best donne biryani in bangalore

Shivaji Military Hotel is open only for lunch and on Sundays, they open for breakfast. They are shut on Mondays. Donne biryani and keema for breakfast . That’s the Bangalore way. One must be prepared to wait for a table as this’s a very busy restaurant. And when one does get a table, there are atleast 10 people standing next to your table, waiting for you to get up.

Shivaji Military Hotel is a must visit for the best donne biryani in Bangalore.

Happy hunting and chowder-on!

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