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Cuisine: Tibetan, Indian Chinese
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gpsAddress: 119 A, UGF, Humayunpur Village, Near NCC Gate, Safdarjung, New Delhi
best laphing in Delhi

I’ve always thought of South Delhi as a collection of urban villages. Vasant gaon, Hauz Khas gaon, Munirka gaon, Chattarpur gaon, Katwaria sarai gaon, Mehrauli gaon, Mahipalpur gain, Shahpurjat gaon, Ladosarai gaon, Khirki gaon, Humayunpur gaon and many more. Delhi is a big metropolis with lots of fancy places, but the soul of Delhi lies is in its villages. Humayunpur is a very old village that has now become a hub of everything northeast. Small eateries dot every nook and corner of Humayunpur village. Alongwith these small-small eateries from various parts of north-east India, there are also hidden gems like Yo Tibet, which serves Tibetan and Indian Chinese food and the best laphing in Delhi.

best laphing in Delhi

The Best Laphing in Delhi

I first had laphing at one of the street stalls in front of the Tibetan monastery in Majnu ka Tila. Laphing is a Tibetan cold noodle dish, similar to the Chinese Liangfen. First steamed flat pancakes are made using wheat starch. These are then seasoned with garlic, chilli oil and vinegar, then rolled and cut into thick strips and served. Laphing also has variants where it’s served as a soupy version or dry – stuffed with crunchy Wai Wai noodles. The Laphing in Majnu ka Tila is decent but I’ve always preferred Yo Tibet. The one with the Wai Wai stuffing is good.

Wai Wai are Nepali instant noodles, originally from Thailand. I’m not sure how popular is Wai Wai in Thailand, but in Nepal, there’s nothing more popular. The Wai Wai in the laphing adds a nice crunch, contrasting with the garlic and chilli oil. Unlike the universally popular momo, laphing both as a texture and flavour takes time getting used to, if you’re having it for the first time. But it grows on you.

The Best Kothey

Yo Tibet also serves the best kothey in addition to the best laphing in Delhi. Kothey are steamed dumplings that are then pan-fried. Much like the Japanese gyoza or Chinese potstickers. I’ve always been a big fan of the pork kothey at Yo Tibet. A beautiful texture of the outer wrapper combined with a delicious filling. Their aloo kothey is one of the better vegetarian dumplings I’ve had in Delhi. But you need to have the Kothey fresh at the restaurant. It’s not a delivery friendly dish. Most of the other Indian Chinese dishes at Yo Tibet are decent and similar to the largely forgettable Indian Chinese food one finds in Delhi.

best laphing in Delhi

Yo Tibet is definitely worth a visit for the kothey, laphing and the two delicious chutneys they serve. An orange and a red one.

Happy hunting and chowder-on!

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