Bhatti Village Nerul

Cuisine: Goan, Seafood
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gpsAddress: Bhatti Wadoo, Nerul, Goa
Bhatti village

A family run Goan restaurant and bar that’s a delight to visit every time I’m in Goa. A mom-and-pop show where the mom cooks delicious food and the dad serves. Their son has also joined the business and I met him the last time I was there. Bhatti Village is tucked in a byelane of Bhatti Wadoo, close to Candolim in Goa. The area was famous as a liquor producing area. Hence the name Bhatti Village.

They serve classic Goan christian food. Pork Amsol, Beef Roast, Chicken Cafreal, Xacuti and lots of seafood. Their vegetarian food is surprisingly good, too.

A must visit, when you’re in North Goa

bhatti village

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