Mangoes of Andhra and Telangana

mangoes of Andhra and Telangana

Mangoes of Andhra and Telangana 

I’d originally written this post as mangoes of Andhra. Then the state was divided into two – Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Hence the new title – Mangoes of Andhra and Telangana. All three major regions of the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh – Telangana, Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra are famous for producing mangoes. Albiet, different varieties. Most of my research was done at the Fruit Research Station at Sangareddy. Which’s one of the three main mango research centres in India. Along with the research centres in Kakori and Bangalore. This research centre cultivates around 500 different mango cultivars out of a total of around 1000 Indian mango cultivars. Of which the focus at Sangareddy, is on 10 commercial mango cultivars which’re the most popular mangoes of  Andhra and Telangana.   

Himmayat Pasand - mangoes of andhra and telangana

Himmayat Pasand – Mangoes of Andhra and Telangana

Himmayat Pasand 

The Himmayat Pasand is my favourite South India mango cultivar. Heavenly to taste, very sweet and zero fibre. But this’s not a popular commercial cultivar as it’s a shy bearer. Meaning that the tree bears fruit only once in two years. Hence, the production’s limited and this’s a fairly expensive compared to other Andhra and Telangana varietals. But every bit worth the price.

Benishan - mangoes of andhra and telangana



The Benishan or the Banganapalli is the most commercially grown mango in Andhra and Telangana. Around 60% of the total mango produce in both states are this cultivar. Supposed to have an unblemished skin ‘n very good taste. The best of this mango comes from the town of Banganapalli in Kurnool district. As quite evident, the name of this mango comes from the name of the town where it originated.

Chinna rasam mango


Pedda rasam mango


Panchdhara mango


The Juice Varieties 

Andhra and Telangana produce some fab juice cultivars of mango. The main four being Chinnarasam, Peddarasam, Panchdhara kalasa and Cherukurasam or Shakkar gutli. The Cheruku rasam is possibly India’s sweetest mango variety. but too sweet for me. My favourites are Panchdhara in the juice variety and Himmayat Pasand.

Gadhamar mango

Gadha mar mango

Pickle and other varieties 

There are quite many mangoes of Andhra and Telangana that’re super but available only locally. Jahangir’s one of the biggest varieties I’ve seen. Much bigger in size than even the Mulgoa. And Jahangir’s probably the only variety. Atleast that I know of, that can be eaten raw. It’s sweet even when raw. Unbelievable, innit’. But this’s a ‘shy bearer’ ‘n available only in limited quantities. Then there’s also the khatta-meetha Totapuri ‘n other cultivars like Vanraj, Langra, Suvarnerekha.

The major pickle cultivar of Andhra’s the Jalal, which’s used to make a special pickle preparation called magai. The major cultivars of Telangana are the Hydersahab and Rajapari. There’s also the specially named pickle cultivar called Ghadha mar, also called Aamini. It’s quite tasteless when ripe. Probably that’s why it’s called Gadha Mar. There are also two off-season pickle cultivars that’re native to Chittoor and Nellore districts. Called Royal Special and Bobalipunasa. These bear fruit in the months of October and November.

Dr. Bhagwan Sharing More About Mangoes of Andhra and Telangana

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