Hyderabadi haleem

Hyderabadi Haleem – The Iconic Dish of Hyderabad

Haleem is Hyderabad’s iconic dish and now has a Geographical Indication tag. Here’s more about how the dish originated and where to get the best Hyderabadi haleem

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Banjara mutton

Banjara Mutton – A Lost Recipe

The original Banjara mutton is unlike what one normally gets in restaurants. Here’s the recipe and video I shot with a Banjara couple

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mandi in barkas

Mandi in Barkas – Origin of The Hyderabadi Version

Barkas is a Hadhrami arab dominated locality of Hyderabad. Mandi in Barkas is the dish that rules in this area and not biryani

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hyderabad naan

Nan ki Roti – The Unique Square Hyderabad Naan

The Hyderabad naan is part of the daily fabric of the Old City. Munshi Naan was established in 1851 and is still carrying forward it’s legacy

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badam ki jaali

Badam ki Jaali – A Unique Hyderabadi Sweet

Badam ki Jaali and ashrafi are traditional Hyderabadi sweets made from marzipan. There are only two families who make the authentic version

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Kalyani biryani

Kalyani Biryani – The ‘Other’ Biryani of Hyderabad

The Kalyani biryani is not as popular as the Hyderabadi biryani but has a unique story on how this biryani evolved

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