Jigarthanda – Madurai’s Most Famous Drink

Jigarthanda is Madurai’s most famous drink. Here’s more about the drink and its origins

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chicken 65 history

Chicken 65 History and Controversies Around The Dish

Perhaps one of the more controversial dishes of our times. With many claimants to be the inventor, here’s more about the Chicken 65 history

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tree tomato

Tree Tomato – The Benefits of Tomarillo and Its Availability

Tree tomato or Tomarillo is a seasonal fruit mostly grown in Ooty, Assam, Himachal and Nagaland. It’s a super food with great health benefits

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Atho in Chennai

Atho – The Burma Connection in Chennai

Atho are thick street style noodles typical to the northern part of Chennai. These noodles have an interesting connection to Burma

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