old delhi sweet

White Gajjar Halwa – Unique Old Delhi Sweet

The White Gajjar Halwa is a unique Old Delhi sweet found only in one sweet shop by the name Sheeren Bhawan, in Chitli Qabar

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naankhatai biscuit

Naankhatai Biscuit – How It Got Its Name and Travelled to India

The Naankhatai biscuit is a dying Indian tradition. Here’s how the biscuit got it’s name and travelled to India from Persia

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jama masjid food

Mughlai-fication of Butter Chicken – Unique Jama Masjid Food

Aslam Chicken is now the big daddy of Jama Masjid food. It started in mid-2000’s and is now famous for their version of the butter chicken

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chicken changezi

History of Chicken Changezi – An Old Delhi Classic

Chicken Changezi and Butter Chicken were both born out of the bylaws of Old Delhi. The dish has an interesting story behind it

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