Irani cafe chair

The Irani Cafe Chair – Defining What Is An Irani Cafe

Irani cafes are part and parcel of Bombay culture and the Irani cafe chair is one of the main things that defines these cafes

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eggless omelette

Mumbai’s Infamous Eggless Omelette

Only in Mumbai, you can ask for an eggless omelette and be served one. Found mostly in Shetty-owned restaurants, it’s a fun dish served with a Mumbai quirk

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aunty bars of bombay

The Secret Aunty Bars of Bombay

Prohibition was introduced in Bombay in 1949. With this, came up Bombay’s own speakeasy culture, the aunty bars of Bombay

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irani cafes of bombay

Irani Cafes of Bombay – History and Evolution of This Institution

The Irani Cafes of Bombay are a way of life. Part of the city’s cultural fabric, here’s how these cafes originated and evolved

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mahim halwa

Mahim Halwa – A Unique Bombay Sweet

The Mahim Halwa is a unique Bombay sweet and there is an interesting story behind the origin of this sweet

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eggs kejriwal

Eggs Kejriwal – The Story Behind This Unique Bombay Dish

Eggs Kejriwal is an iconic Bombay dish, part of the city’s club culture. Here’s the story behind how the dish was invented

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