Versova Koli Seafood Festival

Type of Event: Koli, Seafood
Event Date: January 2025
gpsAddress: St. Anthony's Church, Versova, Mumbai
Other Info: Timings 6pm to midnight. No entry fee
Versova Koli Seafood Festival

Koli are the fisherfolk community of Mumbai. The Koli samaj (community) of Versova, a northern suburb organise a 3-day seafood festival every year in January. One gets to taste freshly caught fish and prawn cooked in local styles. Fish varieties include Pomfret, Surmai, Bombil, Bangda, Ghol, Mandeli and shellfish like prawn, crab and lobster (crayfish).

It’s one a the few street festivals where alcohol is allowed. This’s a popular festival and attracts big crowds. The Koli people dress up in their finest traditional gear and rhe atmosphere is like s big party. You can eat at any of the various stalls; they have tables and chairs in front of all stalls. Seafood is cooked fresh in front of you.

Foodwise, the seafood is fresh but the flavours are more caterer style than Koli home-style.

Here’s a video of the festival in 2023

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