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millet drink

Kambu Koozh – The Summer Millet Drink

Kambu Koozh is a typical summer millet snack found on the streets of Bangalore and Tamil Nadu. It’s cheap yet healthy and nutritious

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Phaal – A Unique Indian Dish From Bangalore

Phaal is a unique Bangalore dish. It’s different from the British dish by the same name. Its found both inside homes and as street food

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naankhatai biscuit

Naankhatai Biscuit – How It Got Its Name and Travelled to India

The Naankhatai biscuit is a dying Indian tradition. Here’s how the biscuit got it’s name and travelled to India from Persia

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jama masjid food

Mughlai-fication of Butter Chicken – Unique Jama Masjid Food

Aslam Chicken is now the big daddy of Jama Masjid food. It started in mid-2000’s and is now famous for their version of the butter chicken

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hyderabad naan

Nan ki Roti – The Unique Square Hyderabad Naan

The Hyderabad naan is part of the daily fabric of the Old City. Munshi Naan was established in 1851 and is still carrying forward it’s legacy

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tree tomato

Tree Tomato – The Benefits of Tomarillo and Its Availability

Tree tomato or Tomarillo is a seasonal fruit mostly grown in Ooty, Assam, Himachal and Nagaland. It’s a super food with great health benefits

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