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Banjara mutton

Banjara Mutton – A Lost Recipe

The original Banjara mutton is unlike what one normally gets in restaurants. Here’s the recipe and video I shot with a Banjara couple

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old delhi sweet

White Gajjar Halwa – Unique Old Delhi Sweet

The White Gajjar Halwa is a unique Old Delhi sweet found only in one sweet shop by the name Sheeren Bhawan, in Chitli Qabar

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mandi in barkas

Mandi in Barkas – Origin of The Hyderabadi Version

Barkas is a Hadhrami arab dominated locality of Hyderabad. Mandi in Barkas is the dish that rules in this area and not biryani

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millet drink

Kambu Koozh – The Summer Millet Drink

Kambu Koozh is a typical summer millet snack found on the streets of Bangalore and Tamil Nadu. It’s cheap yet healthy and nutritious

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Phaal – A Unique Indian Dish From Bangalore

Phaal is a unique Bangalore dish. It’s different from the British dish by the same name. Its found both inside homes and as street food

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naankhatai biscuit

Naankhatai Biscuit – How It Got Its Name and Travelled to India

The Naankhatai biscuit is a dying Indian tradition. Here’s how the biscuit got it’s name and travelled to India from Persia

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