Butterfingers – 7 Course Menu with Chefs Aarohi and Taiyaba

Type of Event: French and Lucknowi, Non Vegetarian
Event Date: December 8 and 9, 2023
gpsAddress: Location would be provided by the organiser post event booking
Other Info: Sit down 7 course meal

Butterfingers is two chefs coming together with their unique cooking styles to create a 7 course hyper-seasonal menu. A juxtaposition of French with Lucknowi. An interesting food event, if you’re in Bangalore

Butterfingers Menu

Crumbled – Fermented Strawberry and White Peas Tart

Cloud – Smoked Water Chestnut and Green Peppercorn Eclair

Clear – Paya Consommé, Peanut Cracker and Onion Jam Dip

Laminated – Kulcha Nihari Puff with Goat’s Cheese and Caper Mustard

Whipped – Guava and Black Salt Sorbet

Braised – Aloo Gosht with Kalonji

Burnt – Gulabi Chai Custard with Ruff Puff and Fresh Strawberries

This event is being organised by The Conservatory. Please click here for more info on the event.

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