New India Lodge

Type of Event: Theatre and Dining
Event Date: December 3 - 24
gpsAddress: Would be disclosed by the organiser post booking
Other Info: Five course Indian meal
new india lodge

New India Lodge : Athithi Devo Bhava is an immersive play that takes you to Independence-era a unique experience that combines immersive theatre and dining. Alongwith a five course meal that combines flavours of Gujarat, Kerala, Punjab and Maharashtra.

With this experience you step into a world where reality blurs with fiction, guests merge with actors, and the meal gets transformed into an enchanting theatrical adventure. From the Bohri and Gujarati tradesman to the Malayali family to the Punjabi bride to the. Every character has a tale to tell.

New India Lodge is written by Shubhra Chatterji 

Directed by K V Divya Rani

Food by The Nommers – Home Cuisine Collective 

Produced by paChaak Productions

new india lodge

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