National Streetfood Festival 2023

Type of Event: Street food from across India
Event Date: December 29 (4pm-10pm), December 30 and 31 (12noon-10pm)
gpsAddress: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Gate Number 14
Other Info: 120 stalls serving street food
National Streetfood festival 2023

This’s one of India’s biggest street food festivals, which’s organised in Delhi every year during winter months. 120 stalls from all states across India. The National Streetfood Festival 2023 celebrates India and the variety of Indian street food.

While not all stalls would be the best representation of the food from their state. The variety of dishes is unbelievable. And many of dishes are largely unknown beyond their local regions. A great place to understand the variety and depth of Indian street food in one place.

Here are some of the dishes one will get in the National Streetfood Festival 2023 in Delhi.

Here’s the link to the organiser’s website.

Happy hunting and chowder-on!

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